Thursday, 16 November 2017

HATE Infinity League: Bakunin vs US Ariadna

There's an enemy prone camo marker on the bridge.
But I think the Zero Hacker should be more more worried
about that rifle on the rooftop!

Welcome to another episode of "The Responsible One tries to remember what happened months ago from photos and incomplete notes".  This week, we're looking at a game of Seize the Antennas in the HATE Infinity League against those delightful folks from the US Ariadna Sectorial.

At the time, I only owned the models for a defensive moderator link, so decided to give a link-less Sectorial list a go. I took advantage of Bakunin's availability for Zeroes and Sin Eaters, creating a crowded camo midfield with some brutal reactive turn fire lanes.

I still hadn't quite gotten the hang of Morlocks at this point, so quite a few of them died due to poor placement and running out into gun lanes.

Pi-Well did OK at running up into the midfield and using Sensor to identify a whole bunch of the obligatory Foxtrots. For those who don't play Infinity - both armies took a whole bunch of infiltrating models who start the game represented as camouflage tokens, meaning the first part of this game was like a massive game of sub-hunt. Fortunately, I'd invested in a dinky little robot who is 90% scanning equipment and he proved a collossal PITA.

One of the banes of this game were the Mavericks. Bikes with light smoke grenade launchers are really rather good and smoke ended up all over the place.

This is a typical indication of the game - my opponent has a recently discovered trooper hiding behind the wall on the left, and another camouflague token still hanging out behind the boxes. On the other side of the boxes is one of my recently discovered infiltrators.

One of the edges I had I didn't quite manage to capitalise on is that I can take Minelayers - models who can have mines set up under camo tokens at the start of the game. At this point, Pi-Well has been shot in the back by a bike, and my opponent has discovered that the central objective is mine as well as crawling with infiltrating troops from both sides...

My other big worry for the game had been the special character "Van Zant" - a specialist drop troop who unlike any other drop trooper can walk on the table edge in your deployment zone.

To counter this, I had two "Sin-Eater" - religious fanatics whose nervous systems are re-wired to be hair trigger - letting them use their guns to full effect in the reactive turn, rather than just getting a single shot. This was super effective and Van Zant was a fine red paste without causing any real damage.

You can also see my main problem here -  I was pinned down in this small set of buildings, with long ranged weapons covering my exits. With my smoke dead, I couldn't win a long ranged firefight with the snipers covering the exits.

My lesson here was that the Sin Eaters are great in the reactive turn, but they can't proactively hunt down a target - and you need one or two good shots with long ranged weapons to have a chance in those long ranged firefights to avoid getting pinned down and stuck.

With nothing but medium and short ranged assault weapons, a lot of my points were stuck in my deployment zone, unable to help my lightly armed infiltrators in the midfield.

Here, an Ariadnan rifleman picks off Nomads trying to get close to the central antenna.

Meanwhile, the Sin Eater HMG is able to block off the best approach to the central Antenna, but is only able to delay them.

The end result of the game is a 3-6 loss for me. I still had my Antenna, but my opponent had their own and the central one. I didn't have enough long range units or alternative solutions to deal with snipers, and insufficient combat punch to push up the field and deal with the low tech, but tough and punchy Ariadna Rangers.

Monday, 13 November 2017

A bit of a mistake

The not mistake bit first - the first Chaos Spawn for my Warriors of Chaos project is finally assembled and ready for paint.

One of the work in progress pictures I posted on Twitter elicited an "Oh God, what on earth is that?" reaction, which I regard as pretty much on the mark. He'll double for a Spawn in my Iron Warriors if that project ever gets off the ground.

And here's the mess up. I thought she was done to table top quality, but when I came back to her this evening to do the blog photo, I didn't like the face. I went in to "quickly fix" it, and will now need to completely repaint it, having stuffed it up.


Anyone got any good zombie face / flesh painting tutorials they can recommend?

Thursday, 9 November 2017

HATE Infinity League: Bakunin vs. Nomads

Once again, I find myself looking back at past battles (this one is from June) and desperately trying to remember what on earth happened. Fortunately, I have a few notes, so I know that this was a game of Supremacy in the HATE League, playing against Vanilla Nomads.

Given I needed to dominate game quadrants, I decided it was time to give the Lizard a bit of a run for it's money. It happily stomped up the field, discovering and gunning down anything in its way. Once it was thoroughly up field, I dropped it into suppression fire to discourage anyone else thinking of heading in it's direction.

My opponent decided the best way to deal with a big angry robot was to shoot it in the back with Hellcats. Sadly, he made the tactical error of dropping close by, and I managed to pass my change facing roll. They got a short round of shooting before being burned to ash by the heavy flamethrower.

Still, it had taken a little damage, so I ran an engineering bot up to patch him up.

Then, I discovered the joy of Spektr Assault Hackers possessing your stuff.

No, wait, we're not friends any more!

... a little bit of careful placing to make sure the civilian isn't caught by the flamethrower.

 Aaaand that's some very unhappy Bakunin.

I'm not quite sure how I managed to dislodge this Zero in Suppressive Fire. I think I left them and got a classified for something - maybe repairing the Lizard?

I dropped a Command Token to get my Lizard back and avenge myself on the Spektr for a thorough 10-0 win. The Lizard was definitely angry robot of the match. At one point the pilot popped out to flip a console, and they also smushed an Intruder Lieutenant at one point.

However, as you may have seen from my battle reports from Totally Crit X2, it seems I've still not learned not to casually walk it around near Hackers...

Monday, 6 November 2017

A finished model!

So, I settled down at the weekend to get a little more hobby done. The last couple of "transport casualties" of my Infinity figures needed sorting as the next step on clearing my hobby table. Some newly purchased super glue made me realise how much my old stuff has "gone off" and takes forever to stick things. I'll continue to use it up on stuff where the join is unimportant or not under strain, but for anything complicated or likely to break, the new stuff will be deployed.

I promised you a new figure - and here he is! This figure was given to me as part of a "secret Santa" kitbash exercise a few years ago. You were meant to paint them straight away, but, you know...

Still, here he is in all his terrible glory. He's likely to either see the table as a Chaos Spawn or maybe an Imperial Daemonhost.

There was a really odd reluctance to sit down and finish off painting him. But once he was done, the sense of achievement was massively disproportionate to the amount of effort I'd put into him. It feels like I've broken through a barrier somehow.

For next steps? Keep knocking out some quick tabletop quality paint jobs for bits and pieces I have sitting. The Anvil zombies are looking highly likely as an early candidate for that before I get back into that 1000 point army challenge for AoS I was doing last year...

Meanwhile, I think that the "hobby assembly tray" by the coffee table is proving excellent. It needs less clearing up than just using the coffee table, and means I can do a little bit on an easy, non metal job any time I'm around there. Currently the first actual Chaos Spawn is there, while the metal assembly on my desk has the classic Imperial Assassin all cued up.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Totally Crit X2 Infinity Tournament Report

Back in October, I headed down to High Brooms with a few of the delightful chaps from HATE to play a few friendly rounds of Infinity organised by the ever competent Totally Crit Crew. It was a weird one for me, as it was my first Limited Insertion tournament, and the weekend before had been War of the Worlds, where I'd been running fifteen or sixteen order strong Corregidor lists.

First up on the card was a nice simple Frontline mission. I was facing "Lightbulb", who was running Acontecimento. The set up was a container park, and I was forced to go first.

Most of my first turn was spent trying to get a Mechanised Deployment Peacemaker out of its little nest of walls and crates. I mostly sought to do this by running my Intruder HMG up and speculatively firing grenades over the wall. I just couldn't roll a hit and when I finally did, it passed it's armour saves...

My Prowler misjudged a distance to a Bagh-Mari sniper, and ended up needing 3s to hit. I then proceeded to roll two crits and he was gone. Sadly, the suppressive fire mode plan did not help on dealing with what was coming his way.

In the end, all that was left alive was my Mobile Brigada and Pi-Well, after a Dragoes rampaged through my deployment zone. I couldn't even get to the HVT to Forward Observe it, resulting in a thorough 10-0 drubbing.

Next up, Looting and Sabotage, where I'd designed a weird list involving my TAG to have any hope of smashing up the AC2 unit. I was facing XiaoHouZi's Imperial Service list. I had a Prowler mid field with Demo Charges just in case, but the main plan was to push up with the Lizard. My Intruder HMG covered the biggest fire lane I could find with a Jaguar next to him for smoke.

I was quite worried to see a Fireteam: Duo of Su-Jian, with a link team of Celestial Guard and Xi Zhuang lead by a Crane covering the other flank. Fortunately, my opponent had not yet learned what a prone camo token on a roof next to a prone Jaguar meant, and despite suppressive fire, I managed to neutralise one of the two, then pushed the Lizard up the field.

Aaaand then a Hidden Deployment model appeared, and I regretted pushing up quite so far. At least I had kicked an unconscious Forward Observe Remote in the head on the way up to score Extreme Prejudice.

Fortunately for me, it was not a Hacker, and his DA close combat weapon mostly bounced off the Lizard's armour until I could punch him in the head and stop him hitting me. The surviving Su-Jian was lurking just in sight with a Boarding Shotgun while I was on two wounds.

Running Zoe up seemed logical. She's a WIP 15 Engineer. She's got this. But in a comedy of errors, she managed to knock the TAG out, heal it, knock it out again and get it back to where I started at the cost of six of my orders, including the ones to move her up.

The Lizard then pulled it's weight on it's own, burning the Su Jian and newly advanced Crane Agent to death with his heavy flamethrower. My opponent's third turn was over, and I had a turn to pull it back. It was currently 4-3 to me from the classified, but I still had a couple of options to run for the AC2.

I foolishly decided I could risk running the TAG past the Celestial Guard Hacker. They successfully possessed the Lizard. I tried to get Zoe to rescue the Lizard, but she bodged the roll and fell victim to an Immobilisation.

So, it was all down to the Prowler. He ran down the stairs, across the field, and had one chance to plant a D charge on the AC2 with my very last order. He was burned to a crisp by my own TAG's Flamethrower, but he not only landed the D charge, but it was a crit- also stripping a further STR from the AC2, leaving me with a comfortable 6-1 win.

Final game was against Tohaa in Decapitation. And, dear reader, I screwed this up. I placed the HVT where I thought he'd be safe, forgetting that some models are tall. My opponent placed a Gorgos, made it Data Tracker, and in his first order scored five points by annihilating the HVT.

By the end of my first turn, I was in Loss of Lieutenant as my Lieutenant and Doctor were both down. I'd taken down a 4 point G-Synced model with a Crazy Koala.

My Grenzer had a small chance to make things right, but was crit.

For my last turn, I had one model left alive. My opponent didn't even need to give any orders to anything other than his Gorgos. I barely threatened anything. I ended the game 10-0 down, with nothing left alive on the table. I'd caused 4 points of damage to the Tohaa.

Still, brutal defeat aside, I had a fun tournament. I managed a convincing win in my second game, and used my TAG well. Both of my defeats were to TAG lists with my non TAG list, and while I was definitely comprehensively outplayed, I don't feel that my non TAG list had enough synergies and threats to be more than a random grab bag of the more expensive models I owned.

The Totally Crit Opens are massively fun, well run, with a friendly group of players, on excellent terrain in a spacious venue that gives you room to think and breath. I'd absolutely recommend them to anyone considering attending an ITS tournament!

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Pottering about doing a little hobby

I've spent the week pottering about doing some bits and pieces of hobby. A couple of my Infinity figures have picked up some dings. Mostly, it's the loss of the brass etch fire arc markers, particularly when they were the first ones I ever put on.

I also took the opportunity to assemble all those zombies I ordered from Anvil. I made sure everything got thoroughly washed and laid out to dry. I've even bought myself a new bowl to do this in so I don't get (rightfully) told off for using baking bowls for cleaning resin.

The Anvil stuff goes together super easily. Most of the joins don't need any pinning at all, but there's a few points where I get a bit nervy and decide to do a little re-inforcement.

I was also using Anvil's Hypercity base toppers. They're pretty darned awesome, but do sometimes leave a little of the base showing, so I used my favouritest thing in the world - the Vallejo red basing paste - to add a little texture there.

It seemed like no time at all before all five women zombies were assembled ready for undercoating.

I took advantage of the clear weather to get other undercoating done as well - a bunch of Infinity figures also got a quick Corax White undercoat spray as well.

You'll notice one zombie is missing here - sadly I managed to break one before undercoating, and ended up having to pin several components together to fix my ham fistedness. The glue on her is still drying, but she should be ready for undercoating by tomorrow - though I'm betting the weather is going to be terrible for weeks now...

Monday, 23 October 2017

Product Review: Anvil Industry Female Zombies

Having had excellent fun the other week painting zombies for Anvil Industry, I decided to pre-order the female zombies I'd been grumpy about not being ready for the speed painting night.

This is a mini-review of sorts, so as a disclaimer - I paid for these miniatures with my own money, but I am friends with the lovely people who run Anvil Industry, as well as a fan.

My original plan was to paint these on Sunday, but a reschedule meant that my plans for my day off on Friday got moved to the Sunday, and they hadn't arrived on the Friday for me to paint... (This paragraph specially for everyone who says that they miss my painting excuses!)

The detail on the new sculpts is excellent, and well up to Anvil's usual standard. There's a mix of military and civilian women zombies to give some variation. As you can see from the photo, bodies, arms and heads are separate so if you want an all female zombie horde, you should be able to get a reasonable amount of variation before you start seeing duplicates.

Because I pre-ordered, they also threw in a free Rock Zombie. He's pretty darned cool, and definitely a character of sorts.

Part 2 of this mini review will follow once I've assembled and painted them! So, erm, don't hold your breath? We don't need any more zombies...

Thursday, 19 October 2017

War of the Worlds V at "ibuywargames"

So, on Saturday I headed down to Woking with a whole bunch of the Infinity players from HATE to do some of this ITS tournament stuff. Unfortunately, a booking mix up meant that the tournament had to relocate from the local Conservative Club to the ibuywargames store, but everyone was very accomodating and it went off without any further hitches.

I was running Corregidor for the first time ever. In the end, I only ever used one of the two lists, which basically consisted of a full Senor Massacre Jaguar link, my always loved Lunokhod, a smattering of specialists and a Haris link of Wildcats with a Spitfire.

First up was Transmission Matrix against generic Nomads. My plan had always been to run a simple Alguacile Hacker to do some cheap annoying AROs against Hackers until she died, while my opponent was running Zoe and Pi-Well and two Interventors. After one careless move of Pi-Well in range of a repeater wasted a co-ordinated order as the plan was urgently changed to "reset", my Hacker was squished like a bug.

The smoke or eclipse options of the Jaguar link was excellent, and meant I could selectively decide whether I was going to keep the board open for my Intruder, or shut it down for my opponent's. My Intruder had an excellent moment himself when a Vertigo Zond landed on the ground near the roof he was hiding on, and he destroyed it with a speculative fire grenade. I could just imagine, as the model was prone, the veteran troop sighing, casually lobbing a grenade over the wall, and nodding at a job well done at the sound of a breaking remote...

Sadly, my opponent had muddled up "explosive" ammunition and blast templates, so his Tsyklon with Feuerbach was a teensy bit better than it actually is, but it seemed like an honest mistake. I never managed to catch up with him after lunch to let him know once I realised. In my game, however, it managed not to change anything due to my Jaguar link's tendency to not roll under an 18 for armour saves. In the end, Senor Massacre held the centre objective in close combat with a rival Jaguar to squeak me a 5-4 win despite almost everyone of my models being dead.

After a delicious lunch at the Korean Restaurant next door we headed back to play Hunting Party. This is a new mission where you're trying to immobilise specialists and enemy Lieutenants, and your more elite troops all get issued with Adhesive Launchers. I was up against one of the other HATE residents, who was running Yu Jing.

I decided to start the exercise by dropping a Hellcat with Adhesive Launcher right behind his Lieutenant. Sadly, I couldn't thread the needle sufficiently to be completely undetected, and some warnings meant enough models turned around that I'd only have one shot at gluing the Lieutenant. The Hellcat missed and was reduced to a fine red smear by a lot of angry guns.

My Alguacile made it to one of the antennas, but couldn't activate it for any points. Meanwhile, my Lunokhod reduced a hacker to a smouldering pile of ash.

Senor Massacre and friends made it up the field, but when the time came for the final run at the Lieutenant, he couldn't quite land his E/M grenade and was instead glued in place. A mistake in the placement of my Lieutenant meant a Tiger Soldier was able to drop down and glue her in the back. This left me with a thorough 8-0 kicking.

Battle three was Comms Centre against Yu Jing. Nine antennae to flip to your side, with the aim of getting more than your opponent -while taking out your opponents specialists and designated target, preferably with your "data tracker". My Wildcat Haris did a lot of work here as the Spitfire "data tracker" gunned down the designated target and anyone else foolish enough to stick their heads out for a good while.

My Hellcat managed to stuff his landing this time and was shot to pieces after landing in the open near way too many people...

The careless placing of a couple of specialists meant my opponent was in the lead with specialists, and I was in real trouble...

An Oniwaban materialising in my backfield and murdering my engineer did not help the situation - but I was able to set him on fire before he could kill my designated target (who you can see in the corner here).

With all my specialists dead, I resorted to brute violence and killed enough of his models to put him into retreat, preventing him from pressing any more of those pesky console buttons to take the lead, leaving us tied at 5-5.

In the end, I ended up 13th out of 20. I won some Nomad transfers I've been wanting to pick up for a while, and also some more Antenocitis Workshop brass etch, because you can never have enough...

I'd definitely recommend the ibuywargames tournaments to anyone who plays Infinity. They're good fun, and more welcoming than you might expect. While people are competitive, its in a friendly way, and not in a way that would leave you with a feel bad experience. Hopefully I'll see some of my readers at the Totally Crit Open X2 this coming weekend...